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Your world is ending. There's no hope of saving it, and you know that. The others do too. They might pretend otherwise, but they know.

None of that matters though. What matters is that you can hear her through the wall: crying. All you want to do is hold her in your arms and tell her that she's not alone.

So do it.

Kiss Her Before the World Ends is a GMless, diceless, single session RPG for 2 to 4 players about the things we desire from relationships, how we negotiate getting those things, and making the most of every second life gives us. 

*This game has been formatted primarily for mobile viewing and contains a pre-made scenario so that it's easy to play on short notice.*

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
AuthorAlice Grizzle
GenreRole Playing
Tagskhb4, kiss-her, Romance, Tabletop, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few hours


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Hi Alice - I recently played this game at my local gaming club and everyone loved it.  I'm about half-way through writing my own playset for it.  

I wondered if you have a twitter or other social media account that I can follow as well as itchio?


I am TafKat_ on Twitter!

And I'm so very glad everyone enjoyed it!~

Awesome,  followed!

This is the kind of advice that I need.

And that was a beautiful, elegant read. The mobile-friendly formatting is a nice touch.

I'm beyond thrilled that you like it. 💜

Nice premise! I love it. You conquered me with it. ❤️

Thank you! I'm so glad you like it. 💜